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The mission of ClearStory Arts (“CSA”) is to create a sustainable, enduring space for artists and their process. This inclusive community of studios is established to allow for growth, demonstration, and creation of their work, and provides the public the opportunity to visit, view, learn, and acquire work by local artists. Our space is open to any artist or maker over the age of 18 whose work can be made in our studios.

Our space is community driven and volunteer oriented, so we strive to have the best understanding of our artists to ensure everyone finds the right fit. If you are interested in this studio, please fill out the below application. This helps us get to know you so answer as honestly as possible as it gives us a better idea if CSA is the best fit for both parties.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the space!


There are currently no available studios. Apply now to be the first to find out when one opens up!

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