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I am a two-dimensional painter interested in the visualization of emotions, tapping into the hidden knowledge of the subconscious, and relinquishing control to mine forgotten memories. The primary question when approaching a painting is how to portray emotions. Tuning into emotions is reaching the inner core of a person and placing these feelings on canvas for others to witness is a true sharing of who you are with the world. I see feelings as the pure form of a person and as the catalyst for what people remember. 
Feelings are inescapable. No matter who you are or where you go everyone has feelings. My art aims to tear down all barriers erected around raw emotions and the goal is to reach the heart of a feeling. Each painting is a moment, an attempt to channel emotions, and to capture them on canvas in the hopes they will resonate with someone going through the same feelings. They are also a blip of we are not alone and a cathartic release of turning emotions into the power of beauty; a reassurance of being connected and loved and seen.

Wonder (Charity Troy)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Artist Name

    Charity Troy
  • Dimensions

  • Medium

    Oil on canvas
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