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Art has always been with me since I was little, and has helped me in ways I didn’t even realize. I’ve been through so much in my life, and because of that I know what a privilege it is to live and create. Don’t let your mind go to waste; use it to do something. Art is a powerful way to use your mind, and to unbottle your feelings and get them out on a canvas. It doesn’t matter what color, what age, or what gender you are, art is for everyone. Art has helped me to connect with others that are also going through something and helps to lift me out of depression; it helps me to make sense of the puzzle of life. I create things of beauty to remind myself and others of the good things in life.

Upside Down (Willie Watkins)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Artist Name

    Willie Watkins
  • Dimensions

    15" x 12"
  • Medium

    Mixed Media
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