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In the current era in which artificial intelligence can create stunningly realistic artworks, Hamrick deliberately eschews the pursuit of perfection. Her work captures the essence of the human condition—the rawness of emotion, transformative events, change, and the subtle sparks of hope that emerge through adversity and form the foundation of resilience and strength. By paring down the canvas to its bare essentials–leaving the fundamental structures visible, Hamrick challenges preconceived notions of how artists are traditionally expected to interact with the painting canvas. Her work is a gateway to personal introspection that is unique to each individual and celebrates the parts of us that endure and are formed through toil.

Untitled 1 (Hamrick)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Artist Name

  • Dimensions

    2 ft x 3 ft
  • Medium

    acrylic, wax, and LED on canvas
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