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On an April morning in 1995, the lives of 168 men, women and children in Oklahoma City ended with the explosion of a truck bomb. This tragedy still resonated when this photo was taken of the memorial nearly 20 years later. An empty chair stands in for each lost life. Shadows emerge across the field, causing viewers to feel the loss represented by those who are elsewhere.
Bio: Jeffrey L. Cohen is a Chattanooga photographer who shoots film with a plastic Holga camera. Capturing images in an analog format causes Jeff to slow down and be fully present in the moment. The Holga viewfinder does not show what the camera captures, and the resulting image reveals about twice as much of the visible world. This ceding control is integral to Jeff’s creative process.

Memorial (Jeffrey L. Cohen)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Artist Name

    Jeffrey L. Cohen
  • Dimensions

    16 x 20
  • Medium

    Film Photography, Digital Print
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