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Woodson Carpenter is a proud Black son of Appalachia—a son of its mountains, hollers, valleys, and rivers. He is a son of poets, singers, players, and thinkers. He is a son of rebellion and rebuilding, enslaved people and enslavers. His hope, in remaining always rooted in his home, heritage, and history, is to become an ever more beautiful embodiment of a dream deferred.


As a multidisciplinary artist, Woodson’s work is, at its core, a pursuit of beauty—often the sort that emerges from simple and mundane elements of life. Whether through music, poetry, or photography, he reflects the intersecting identities he and his village inhabit.

After the Wise Men (Woodson Carpenter)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Artist Name

    Woodson Carpenter
  • Dimensions

    14" x 11"
  • Medium

    Ilford HP5+ 35mm - Digital Print (Framed)
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