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ClearStory Arts is excited to announce that we are seeking a part-time Operations Manager to join our team. This role is newly created and will primarily involve space and membership management.


Applications will be accepted until July 25th.

Please refer to the below job description and share this opportunity with potential candidates. To apply, interested individuals can send their resume and cover letter to

JOB DESCRIPTION: Operations Manager, ClearStory Arts


ClearStory Arts, located in Chattanooga’s Southside, is home to 40 individually leased art studios, a membership-based Workspace, and a community focused gallery. ClearStory Arts strives to provide space for artists and creatives of all kinds, and to provide the public the opportunity to visit, view, learn, and acquire work by local artists. Currently, ClearStory Arts is transitioning to a 501(c)3 non-profit entity. The Operations Manager’s primary responsibility will be to manage day to day operations during this transition period, manage memberships, maintain the space, implement the strategies put in place by the Board of Directors, and work to provide an inclusive space for artists and creatives of all kinds.


The role of the Operations Manager is multifaceted. The Operations Manager is responsible for daily business operations, maintaining marketing and sales strategies, managing memberships including onboarding and offboarding, and promoting a vibrant, community-first working environment. This role is a bridge and a facilitator within the artist ecosystem, and you will be expected to be a key player and contributor within that community.


While an interest in the arts is helpful, our main focus lies on candidates skilled in technology and software, adept in space management, and proficient in fostering customer relationships. We’re looking for someone who can maintain the current management structure, as well as identify areas where both the community and this role can grow.

Job Title: Operations Manager, ClearStory Arts

Job Purpose: Management of artist studios and memberships at ClearStory Arts, implementation of strategies developed by the Board of Directors, clear communication with the Board and members

Pay, Hours, and Conditions: This is a part time position averaging 20 hours per week, with the possibility of additional hours and responsibilities. Pay for this position starts at $20/hour depending on skills and experience.


  1. 30%: Membership and Leasing Management. You will be responsible for the onboarding process for new members, including tracking leads and maintaining an organized waiting list, setting up membership accounts and granting building access, ensuring members understand everything they need to know about the space, signing lease agreements, and renewing memberships at the end of their terms. You will be responsible for offboarding members as well, including tracking and refunding security deposits, removing building access, and being aware of everyone working within the space.

  2. 30%: Daily Business and Space Operations. You will be responsible for ensuring the space is habitable and in full working order, including but not limited to knowing who to call when things break, informing tenants on how to file building maintenance, communicating with property management and owners, ensuring all supplies are stocked as needed, and more.

  3. 20%: Database, Software, and Financial Management. You will be responsible for collecting membership dues, working within our online building management software, maintaining a well organized database tracking all studio spaces, member levels, and income, depositing rent checks, and managing all payments and invoices, including but not limited to the Gallery point of sale and commission payment to artists.

  4. 20%: Community Development and Engagement. You will work closely with tenants and members, and be responsible for maintaining good relationships with artists within our space, as well as ensuring the community remains a safe, inclusive, and engaging space between all guests and members. You may, at times, need to design collateral within our branding guide and implement social media and marketing strategies to grow the community. You will also work alongside the Gallery Curator as support for community events, gallery events, etc.


  • Highly proficient in technology and software (a preference will be given to those with experience working with software such as Wix, Excel, Airtable, Canva, Notion, property management systems, point of sale systems, and more)

  • Excellent organizational skills and proficiency in digital file storage management

  • Knowledge in social media marketing strategies and creative writing

  • Being confident in decision making skills

  • Ability to multitask and meet frequent deadlines

  • Positive attitude, self-motivated, strong work ethic, and detail-oriented

  • Flexible on weekly working schedule, and ability to work irregular hours during events


Predictors of Success:

  • You will be the bridge between the Board of Directors, the Landlord, the artist tenant community, and the greater Chattanooga arts community. Excellence in identifying and anticipating needs, and making decisions that are ultimately the best for all parties involved, is critical to the success of this position.

  • You’re able to see the big picture, and make informed and confident decisions based on that.

  • You’re able to resolve issues between conflicting parties quickly and in a manner that diffuses tension.

  • You easily connect with the community, and can make introductions and find ways for the connections you make to accelerate.

  • You prioritize the respect and pride of all persons you may interact with. You respect privacy and dignity, and excel at listening actively and empathetically.

  • You love being at the forefront of the job you’re doing, being respected for your thoughts and opinions, and being the “face” of the community on a greater scale.

  • Overall, you’re a problem solver. You are able to find solutions to problems you identify. If you don’t know the answer to questions you’re asked, you know who to ask.

  • You’re highly passionate about facilitating, developing, and growing the artistic community within Chattanooga, and believe in the importance of hosting a thriving arts community.  You have already independently devoted your time and energy to the arts, not just your art.

  • Your friends describe you as inquisitive and a constant learner. You enjoy learning new systems and applying that knowledge to your role.

  • You work well within complex database systems, and maintain clear and organized structures. You enjoy working with spreadsheets and complicated formulas.

  • You have an eye for detail, and enjoy working with aesthetically pleasing design decisions and branding.

  • You’re able to pivot easily throughout the day to new tasks that require your attention, and are excellent at structuring and prioritizing tasks.

  • You stand your ground when different personalities have conflicting priorities, and you’re able to firmly communicate boundaries within the community.

  • You can independently advance the concept of ClearStory Arts without direction by being able to recognize areas for improvement and overall trends in the local arts scene.

All interested candidates should email with a cover letter and resume by July 25, 2024.

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