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Fri, Nov 03


ClearStory Arts Gallery


The transcendence of time and the connections we make on our journeys as we are blindly floating. A beautiful weekend of artwork created by Rocky Perry and Misty Ogle.

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Nov 03, 2023, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

ClearStory Arts Gallery, 1673 S Holtzclaw Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37404, USA


ClearStory Arts is excited to announce Time in Spaces, a collaborative show between Misty Ogle and Rocky Perry, opening November 3 in conjunction with First Friday. The show will only be on display for a single weekend, so if you are unavailable to view the work during the opening reception, come back by the Gallery from 3pm - 6pm Saturday November 4. All artwork will be available for purchase online.


Misty Ogle  

Oils, brush & knife, abstract expressionist

My artwork is considered a marriage of linear and organic, embracing calm  and chaos. All of my current works are inspired by real people or places  infused with dreams and imaginings. To see a place in person is only one way  of looking at it; in my paintings I want people to see what they can’t in a live  view. The vibrant colors and deeply textured oils evoke a sense of new  growth and rebirth. After a battle with breast cancer and a recent car accident,  my personal sense of renewal is an undercurrent in this latest series. 

In the realm of a vibrant imagination, these paintings emerge from a spectrum  of dancing colors, shapes, and textures inviting the viewer to embark on an  introspective journey. The canvas, a portal to the unseen dimension, unveils  shapes of the mind like a kaleidoscope of dreams. As shapes appear and  dissolve, the viewer’s mind can wander freely, untethered by logic or reason,  blurring boundaries between the tangible and abstract.


Rocky Perry 

Oils, brush, traditional expressionist

My work is an expression of my life’s journey: battling cancer, raising children and finding a new path forward. The pieces in this collection are about surviving and living each day with an eye on my last.  I picked up my brushes after 18 years off with something new to say and these works tell my story of my struggle, joy and pain.

I consider these works traditional, with traditional methods, tools, materials and disregard for new styles or trends.  My work will be part of a new renaissance of painters who are creating to make a mark in an era of AI. Originality has not had a greater challenge since the invention of the camera. I look forward to painting along side Artificial Intelligence and seeing if they can keep up. These are unique times and spaces.

My hope is that my style conveys a message of self, disregard of vulnerability or critic and a love for the simple and beautiful. To show my emotions on the canvas. To share my feeling with the viewers.





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