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ClearStory Arts is excited to celebrate Chattanooga's Black artists in an exhibition next month. Established as well as emerging Black artists are encouraged to apply!

This show has been developed in collaboration with Ty Swint (@thelovechannelwithty), and artwork featured in the above graphic is by Nathan Stepney (@nat.stepney).


The show will be curated by Rik Herrmann, head curator of Wanderlinger Art Gallery and co-founder of the Lobster Bowtie Association. All artwork is due no later than Saturday, February 10, with dropoff in the Gallery between 2pm and 6pm.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!


ARTWORK SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Saturday, February 10 (1-4 pieces)

COST TO PARTICIPATE: $30 up front ($15 curation fee, $15 commission minimum)

COMMISSION: 30% (after it exceeds the minimum)

A gallery agreement is required to participate in the show. Artwork information (including title, price, medium, dimensions, and a high quality image we can use to list your work online), along with the artwork itself, is due no later than February 10.


OPENING RECEPTION: February 16, 6-8pm

FIRST FRIDAY / CLOSING: March 1, 6-8pm


Q: How many pieces can I submit?

A: You may submit up to 4 pieces to be displayed in the show. The hope is that by keeping the amount low, we will be able to host as many of Chattanooga's Black artists as possible in this exhibition.


Q: How do sales work?

A: All payments from buyers go through us. We collect and remit sales tax for you, and we’ll write you a check for your portion of sales following the show.


Q: How will buyers get the work they purchased?

A: All work will stay on display here in the Gallery until the show is over. Buyers are encouraged to pick up their purchased work during the Closing Open House, and if they can’t make it that day, we will arrange a better time with them!


Q: When do I bring my work to the Gallery?

A: Bring in your work in on Saturday, February 10, between 2pm and 6pm. If you want to bring it in earlier, that's a-okay - just reach out first.

Q: How do I get my work following the show?

A: You can pick up your pieces either following First Friday on March 1, or on Tuesday, March 5. Please note: we can’t store work here, so make sure you keep this date available!

Q: How do I contact you if I have questions?

A: You can always reach out to us! Call or text 423-228-0215, email, or shoot us an Instagram message. We’re here to help!


What did we miss? Let us know, or ask any questions you may have, by emailing

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